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Pewter Beige Long Pile Faux Fur

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Synthetic Fur. A beautiful and unusual multi-tone fox/wolf type fur with a very realistic appearance and soft feel. The base of the fur is a dark grey-green - almost like a very dark army drab - which turns to a beige color about halfway up the hairs. It also has longer "guardhairs" - shinier, stiffer fibers, in golden-tan and dark brown. There's a lot going on here!

This fur was distributed by Shannon Fabrics, however it is no longer being manufactured. It has approximately a 2" - 2.5" pile height. The fur is densely woven and plush.

Fabric is 60" wide and is sold by the linear yard (1 yard = 36" x 60"). Yardage will be cut as a continuous piece, not individual pieces.

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